Yes, Breakthrough® is safe to use on wood.  However, it will dry untreated wood, so the wood grip should be oiled after cleaning.

Yes, Breakthrough® is PH-Neutral (non-corrosive) and therefore safe and effective in cleaning ALL metal surfaces including bore and firing mechanisms.

No, Breakthrough® will not remove bluing or chrome plating.

Yes, Breakthrough® is safe to use on your firearms polymers and composites.

Yes, Breakthrough® will have no adverse effect on your firearms cerakote or hydro-printed parts.

No, Breakthrough® is a military grade firearm cleaning solvent (not a clp).  Your firearm should be oiled / greased / lubricated as per manufacturer’s instructions after cleaning.

Breakthrough® has no expiration date and infinite shelf life.

The flash point for Breakthrough® is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is 9 degrees above the stipulated Mil- Spec it conforms to.  The freeze point for Breakthrough® is currently unknown.  However, it has been tested at temperatures below -190 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing.

Yes, Breakthrough® can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner with spectacular results. However, it is recommended that you turn OFF the heater of the ultrasonic cleaner when using Breakthrough®. The ultrasonic cleaner must also be set at around 40 – 45 kHz for best results.

The non-flammable claim is made due to Breakthrough’s flash point of 150° F. Liquids with a flash point under 100° F are considered flammable. Liquids with a flash point from 100° to 200° are considered combustible. Breakthrough is considered a Class IIIA combustible liquid having a flash point greater than or equal to 140 °F and below 200 °F. Here is a link for your reference: