Customer Testimonials

I have been using the 2oz bottle that you sent, with great success. Using it primarily to clean firearms I use in the NRA instructor classes I conduct. I have found it very effective. I also used it on the GLOCK armorer segment of my business, with similar results. If you could provide me with a promotional piece, a flyer or similar document in PDF format I’d be happy to disseminate it to the NRA certified instructors I have trained.

Stan L.

KSA Consulting LLC, 6/24/2014
I recently had the opportunity to try the free sample of Breakthrough. I cleaned several semiautomatic pistols and pump action shotguns with it. Immediately noticeable was the lack of a strong chemical odor associated with other popular brands. I found Breakthrough to work equally well on powder residue and plastic shotgun wad material. it also did a fine job on the pistol barrels. I did not have the opportunity to try it on a heavily leaded or copper fouled riffle/pistol barrel, but I suspect based on the other results that it will work satisfactorily.

James D.

General Bureau of Narcotics, 3/31/2014
I did use Breakthrough and it’s perfect for my needs. Did the job very well and like I mentioned before I’m a health nut so I’m really pleased it’s nontoxic! Winner right there. I like the product.

Amanda A.

ADP Police Department, 6/24/2014
I’m super impressed with it. I just got a chance to use it on a friends guns that had some crappy thick grease on it and it wouldn’t run. I cleaned the entire upper and bolt with it and then used Fire clean to lube it and it runs awesome. I have a big carbine class this Sunday and will be bringing the bottle for students to try out.

Brian S.

Practical Tactical Firearms, 5/16/2014
I have used it already and we’re very happy with the results. I used the sample (and let my friends try it) after our last 3 gun competitions. It cleaned off the carbon buildup with ease and wiped clean, very impressive. I especially like that it didn’t have a chemical smell or residue.

Tony S.

Competitive Shooter, 6/23/2014
Breakthrough is a great product for being non-toxic, removes carbon and degreases with one package. KG cleaners require two. For pistols and AR’s I’d still utilize Breakthrough which is a majority. My precision riffles need more fouling removal accuracy purposes. I know Breakthrough fits a need.

Bobby H.

Harris Tactical, 6/24/2014
I received product and took it to my father in law. He had mixed reviews, he said it cleaned faster and more effective than some solvents he has experience with but that it requires a lubricant to prevent rust.

Curtis B.

Producers coop, 6/24/2014
I did get it and it worked out really good on the firearms I cleaned with it.

Iain S.

Sharp Hydrographix, 6/25/2014
I got your trial bottle not too long ago and so far I have used it to clean a new to me SKS. It took all that lovely compline and other gunk off it with little work on my part. Too bad the bottle you sent me was a little late getting to me no big deal, but I could not try it on the 50 cal or my C7. I’m hoping to try it out sometime next month on them.

Jason B.

The Breakthrough is awesome, cleaned up the Locks real nice. Added some rem oil before shooting and no issues at all. Going to be soaking the AK up here to clean it.

Erik G.

The breakthrough cleaner seems to be doing a good job removing carbon and surface rust. The problem at this point is not having enough product to support our students. I would like to get pricing for a case of the small bottles you provided me. I also would like to get pricing for two solvent tanks to go outside of our classroom facility.

Tommy A.

Desert Technical Training Facility, 5/9/2014
I thought it was great, in fact I have been telling everyone about it.

Justin J.

Mt. Pleasant Police, 5/16/2014
Tried Breakthrough this weekend after firing around 200 rounds through my Glock 22 duty pistol. Loved the breakthrough product. I did not have to use as many patches in the barrel and everything cleaned up really well. The pictures I included do not really do the product justice, but I included them anyway.

Deputy Kevin B.

I was able to test Breakthrough Clean and I can’t say enough good things about it. Unfortunately when I used it last it slipped my mind to take pictures. Next time I will for sure take some. I have recommended this product to all my fellow firearm friends and will continue to buy more and support the company.

Ben S.

I am one of those hunters that loves to shoot guns and hates to clean them. When I received your product I wasn’t sure if this was going to any different from all the rest. I used it on my shot gun that hadn’t been cleaned for some time. I was very impressed on just one pass through the barrel. Not more multiple passes with cleaning products on the patch and several more to dry the barrel after. Your product in my experience has done what you claimed it would. I have given some the cleaner to my gun friends and they are happy with your product as well. Thank you again.

David R.

The Gun Club, 8/17/2014
I only had time to clean my H&K 40 caliber firearm, after I came home from the gun range. Here’s what I found interesting. I cleaned my firearm with ……cleaning solvent and it appeared my firearm was clean. Now, normally I would have thought to myself, well! I must have cleaned this weapon quite thoroughly and it didn’t have much residue from shooting! I was wrong, I used Breakthrough and look at my pictures and see how clean my H&K looked. I will use Breakthrough more often to prove to myself, that I’ll need to order the three pack, because it’s so great and I’ll be using so much and my friends will soon become users too, including my four sons, who also shoot various firearms!

Larry G.

Yes I’ve had a chance to use Breakthrough and I love the product. I use it on anything from standard cleaning to full on deep cleaning of my own guns as well as customers. We Cerakote where I work and get some dirty guns. I use Breakthrough during disassembly of the guns to clean them up before Cerakote.

Scott H.

Parallax Tactical, 9/25/2014
My thoughts on breakthrough is that is an excellent product! Thank you very developing a user friendly product that works 10x better than the Hoppes products I once used. I will most definitely be buying more of this outstanding product. Absolutely without a doubt the best around. Great job to the breakthrough company on this product. My gun cleaning routine is much simpler because of this solvent. Keep up the great work!


I am the armorer for the Berkeley County SC Sheriff’s Office and I clean many filthy guns. I received my free sample and after finding two Deputies with really dirty guns I tried out your product. I am blown away, I am speechless. It is everything you claim it is and more. I have been a police officer for 42 years and a firearms instructor and armorer for 23 years and this is the greatest gun cleaning product I have ever used. A really great product.

Kevin E. H.

I did have a chance to test your product. I spent about 400 rounds in my M&P shield and then used breakthrough to clean it. Although I forgot got to take pictures I was very impressed and pleased. By far my favorite gun cleaner and what I’ll continue to use for my guns. Thanks for the opportunity to test it.

Jacob M.

I loved the product, although the product is a somewhat small bottle, I was pleasantly surprised to see how little was really needed to get the job done with my M&P compact and my Glock 21. What I found most favorable about it though, is the odorless factor. This will be key come deer season. Nothing like trying so hard to remove any perfumes from laundry detergent, and showering in scent-eliminating soap, just to have a shotgun wreak of gun cleaner and lubricant! Breakthrough will definitely be my go-to come hunting season as well. To be honest I was a little deterred by the price per bottle, but again, only a small amount is needed AND there’s no smell. So when I clean my guns in front of the TV while my wife is working, she’ll never know I did it in the living room.

Eric K.

A fellow member at Eastern Nebraska Gun Club demonstrated your solvent to me a few weeks ago and I was so impressed I ordered a bottle. Finally had time to put it to the test on a 40 year old .357 magnum revolver and it probably hasn’t been as clean since it left the factory. You have a truly remarkable product that is extremely easy to use and performs better than any other cleaner I have ever used. Now my firearm cleaning is not a drudgery but a fast and easy task to complete.

Roger M.

Thank you for the fast response, my package has arrived and I have had a chance to use it already on a handgun I cleaned a week ago (with a different brand). It worked AMAZINGLY, it took fouling off the barrel and slide that the other brand did not. I will be using your company’s solvent ONLY from now on and if your company ever makes an oil let me know lol.

Geoff N.

Thank you so much for providing a great customer experience. Definitely a great product and will continue to use it and recommend to others.

Johnny N.

Yes I have had an opportunity to test your product. If you remember I host a large YouTube gun guy get together every year and this year I had more than 30 guys. The day after the shoot I and a few of the other guys that stayed longer cleaned about 25 firearms with the breakthrough. I have to say it’s one of the most impressive cleaners I have ever used, unfortunately I pretty much finished off the entire bottle with my generosity of cleaning everybody else’s guns. Lately I have been working 7 days a week and have not had the opportunity to make a video yet. You will be seen a very positive video on your product from me when I finally get around to doing one.

Eric B.

I have only had a chance to use the cleaner on some .22’s so far. But what I seen so far is impressive! I was a little skeptical of the little pump bottle, but after cleaning a couple pistols I began to like the ability to spray just where I needed! Being I’m use to the old style jar of cleaner and bore brushes and all! Now to find a lubricant to use that doesn’t trap all the carbon and junk from shooting and allows the lube to do what it is intended to. I’ll have to take my sample bottle to my local range and show the owner! Thanks again!


Hello! I received the bottle of Breakthrough in the mail today and decided to clean up and finish the pistol today. I’ve heard that Breakthrough works from James Yeager and other Youtubers, but this stuff is outstanding! As you can tell by the pictures it did a very good job! First I went on it with some steel wool to take of the hard coating that had been sitting on the barrel for a while, then I sprayed it down with Breakthrough and scrubbed with a sponge till it was shiny. When I first got it, the barrel was black, but was originally silver. On some parts of the barrel there are some rust pits that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard and long I scrubbed. Breakthrough is amazing! I went through about 1/4 of the bottle. I will sure be using it to clean more firearms, and will tell people about this stuff, because it really is amazing! Thank you so much for the bottle. If you ever have any bottles laying around with no home, I would gladly take them in! (; Thanks a bunch!

Kaleb H.

Let me start by writing that this is a very user friendly product, green and odorless. As I sprayed the components the carbon seemed to wash right off. After a simple wipe down, all parts were clean and free from carbon with little effort. The next weapon system I used this product on was my duty AR after 500 rounds through it. After using Breakthrough, the product performed as stated by the company. Although it took some effort in cleaning the bolt and bolt carrier, clean up was easy. This product worked as promised. I would defiantly recommend this product. I have told my co-workers about this product and have shown the results from Breakthrough. Thank you Breakthrough for allowing me the chance to sample your product and I look forward to purchasing more.

Arthur J.

Highway Patrol, 11/11/2014
Hi, I haven’t been able to contact you because we been busy out here. But the product is amazing it has helped us so much out here that our rifles couldn’t be operating the way they are. We just put our rifles thru a range and we shot over 18,000 rounds combined between our m-16, M249 and M240b and both the gun oil and the grease have work wonderful. And cleaning up our weapons after wasn’t a problem with the solvent. Thanks a lot for helping us.

Francisco USMC

The first thing I noticed was no smell and how a little went such a long way. With 500 rounds of high pressure rounds through the side arm. I had plenty of Carbon build up the Breakthrough broke it all down and cleaned it up with very little effort on my part. As I stated in living in the desert we need lube that does not attract dust or blowing sand particles. Breakthrough cleaning spray did its job extremely effective. I will be adding your cleaning spray to my kit.

Jeff P.

I just wanted to get back to you concerning our yearlong evaluation of your product. I have been putting it to use for approximately the last 12 months here at work since meeting you at the 2015 NRA show. We fire 6,000rds of milspec 5.56 ammunition per Government Contract Acceptance Shoot in full auto plus more to QC check attendant production during the manufacturing and development process. We have had a large number of shoots over the past year as well as performing commercial demos and QC maintenance shoots. In short; we put a large amount of ammunition downrange annually, the majority being 5.56 but also a respectable amount of 7.62X39MM, .300 Blackout, .45ACP and 7.62X51MM. Select fire M4 carbines, AR10/SR25 types and a variety of 1911 pistols are being used for testing. All I can say is that the Breakthrough product has performed as advertised. I am very pleased with the results overall. Depending on the environmental conditions our previous lubricants (and we have tried many) would need to be applied multiple times to the M4 rifles used during our full auto test sessions. The weapons would slow, stutter and eventually fail. Since switching to your product the required lubrication interval has decreased by approximately 90 percent. At our last session in June we did not need to apply any additional lubricant whatsoever during the shoot. Impressive as it was hot and humid out there! The other bonus is in the cleaning. Let’s face it; some of the weapon lubes out there are just plain grime magnets. They seem to do a much better job of bonding with fouling to produce “gun molasses” then they do in keeping all of that unwanted dirt and grime in a suspension away and out of all the moving parts. Cleaning was just a nightmare with some of the other products. In all honestly sometimes the weapons can sit for up to a week before we get around to cleaning them depending on staff availability. The solvent does a very good job of breaking up the residual carbon and greatly reduces the time required for the cleaning process. We mixed it up a bit for a couple of shoots to use up our supply of Brand “X” lubricant and then cleaned up with your solvent. That experiment showed that the Breakthrough products work best in tandem and complement one another to a very large degree. You could see the big difference that using products engineered to work together makes in the real world. The only product I am authorizing for use on our test weapons as well as my personal firearms from this point forward is Breakthrough. Keep up the good work!

Brent C.

Tactical Products Manager, D&H Tactical a Division of D&H Industries, Inc. 4/12/2016